A Pest Control Maintenance Program is the best way to ensure you home is protected year round!

Whether you want Monthly, Bi Monthly, or Quarterly we have a pest control program to fit your specific needs. Below is a list of things you can expect from our Pest Control Maintenance Programs.

  • A Phone Call a day in advance to let you know we will be stopping by. We will also provide you with a time window if you would like.
  • A complete inspection of your property for general insect infestations.
  • A thorough treatment of the property using only the best materials based on the findings of the inspection.
  • We will also walk around your home sweeping down any excess spiderwebs we find hanging around making sure to keep your home looking good.
  • If you are not home we will leave an invoice on your front door specifying the work done and materials used.

Usually pests can be controlled from the exterior of the home and so our regular treatments are always outside, inside as needed. However if you find you are ever having a problem inside please don’t hesitate to let us know, we are here to help you.



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